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Tue Nov 29 2022

SaaS Feedback: Everything You Need to Know About Collecting & Using It

SaaS companies need to collect feedback about the user experience, new ideas, and more. Learn types of feedback and how to organize it.

Mon Nov 28 2022

Website Feedback Widget: Definition, Examples, and Tools

Knowing what your customers think about you is important.

Wed Nov 09 2022

Top 17 Website Feedback Tools [With Formats & Use Cases]

A website feedback tool is sort of like a 24/7 support person that hears both praise and complaints. It offers a way to always stay informed of issues on your website.

Tue Oct 25 2022

5 Types of Tools for Collecting Feedback on a Website

With so many ways to collect and give feedback on a website, it's hard to know which option is the right fit for your business. Check out our ultimate guide to website feedback.

Tue Sep 27 2022

Top 11 UserVoice Alternatives for SaaS Companies

Did you try UserVoice and find it unideal for your company, users, or budget? Discover UserVoice alternatives that could be a better fit.

Tue Sep 27 2022

How to Supercharge Your B2B SaaS Sales

Struggling to get your B2B SaaS product off the ground? Check out our guide on how to supercharge your sales and start seeing results.

Wed Sep 14 2022

13 Top Feature Request Software to Build Better Products

Feature request software can help you collect, sort, and prioritize

Thu Aug 25 2022

13 Release Notes Templates [With Examples]

When writing release notes—or anything for that matter—it certainly helps to have templates. Below, we've created some easy-to-use templates and rounded up plenty of examples to inspire your release communications.

Thu Aug 25 2022

SaaS Customer Service: 5 Key Strategies to Improve Customer Satisfaction

Looking to improve your SaaS customer service? These key strategies should set you on the right path.

Wed Aug 17 2022

Expert Guide to Idea Tracking for SaaS and Digital Businesses

In this guide to idea tracking, we share top tips to help you track, validate, prioritize, and manage ideas.

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