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The customer-first Beamer alternative

Frill is for teams that prioritise and ship features based on customer feedback

Beamer is all about announcements. Product teams that care to know what customers want in the first place, choose Frill.

“Frill is a great solution for any marketing team that's trying to get more customer feedback. It's so much easier to stay in touch with what our customers want and what we need to do to improve our products.”

Tony Tang - Marketing Specialist at My Organic Sleep

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With Beamer, the feedback loop is focused on announcements

Beamer is built to announce product updates first and collect feedback later, giving you lower visibility on what users think about new features before they go live.

Beamer vs Frill

Frill helps you listen to user feedback and know what users want, before you build it

Solve the entire customer feedback loop

Collect feedback, prioritise feature requests, and announce product updates. Keep users engaged through it all.

Meet users where it makes sense for them

Embed Frill on your own site and app. Make it easy for them to comment, vote, and share their feedback.

Free, unlimited announcements

Custom domain, comments, translations, team members, and announcements — free forever.

Beamer vs Frill

8 things Frill gives you for free (that Beamer charges for)


Make it easy for customers to give you feedback

Collect ideas, votes, comments and reactions. Understand customer needs before you plan your sprints.


Use your branded custom domain

Build trust and keep a consistent brand experience with users. Add your own custom domain — SSL included.


Add unlimited team members

With Frill, you don’t have to email, slack, or fax anyone with updates. Invite unlimited members and keep them in the loop using @mentions.


Update Frill to match your brand

Personalise Frill with your own brand colours. Turn sections on/off and re-order them. Make Frill look like home for your users.

"As a business, we want to stay updated with what our customers want. Frill helps you gather and prioritise ideas from your customers and integrate those ideas into your roadmap."

Kerem C. - Founder


Translate Frill to any language

Every string of text in Frill can be translated. No plugins, no dodgy auto-translations, no upsells.


Add ideas & votes on behalf

Include ideas and votes on behalf of users when they don’t have the time for it. Send them new updates on your progress, automatically.


Get access to all integrations

Connect what’s happening in Frill to Intercom, Jira, Slack, Trello, and all future integrations — free forever.


Enable Single Sign-On (SSO) for your users

Allow users to add ideas, comments, and votes to your board, while they’re logged-in to your app. They won’t need to sign up for Frill.

Beamer vs Frill

Feedback flows better with Frill

Move from ideas, to validation, to prioritisation and announcements, with Frill.

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Beamer vs Frill

Get more ideas and engagement with Frill

Request for ideas
Under development
Under development
Roadmap widget
Under development
Embed your roadmap anywhere in your product or website
User comments
Available on changelog updates only
Get comments on ideas, roadmaps, and announcements
Pinned ideas
Available on Startup plan only
Get comments on ideas, roadmaps, and announcements (FREE)
Add ideas on behalf
Add ideas on behalf of customers
Vote on behalf
Vote ideas on behalf of customers

Beamer vs Frill

Frill’s free plan — all you need to capture, organise, and announce product feedback

Request for ideas
Free forever
Only on Startup
Free forever
Team members
Only on Startup
Unlimited & Free forever
Pinned posts
Only on Startup
Free forever
User votes
Only on Pro
Free forever
Custom domain
Only on Pro
Free forever
Single Sign-On (SSO)
Only on Enterprise
Free forever

Switch from Beamer in minutes

Import your product roadmap and boards or get our team to do it for you

Bulk import your roadmaps and boards from Beamer and other tools. Or get in touch with our onboarding team and we’ll complete a free, custom migration for you.

Make the Switch

“It is so easy to use. Really is a great tool to connect with your clients for meaningful feedback. Frill helps you develop in a way that your clients actually want.”

Beamer vs Frill

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Frill compare to other customer feedback tools?

Frill is one of the top alternatives to Beamer in the market, but it’s not the only one. Despite having several key features, Frill is super easy to use. Our customers believe it’s the easiest way to collect customer feedback, organise feature requests, and announce product updates, in one place. 

See how Frill compares to other alternatives:

Frill vs Canny - Frill vs Hellonext - 10 Beamer Alternatives for SaaS User Feedback and Announcements

Is Frill really free?

Yes, it is. Frill is probably the best alternative in the market if you want to get started for free. Why? Because while other software (like Beamer) don’t have free plans or put too many limits, Frill gives you most features for free.

Your Frill free plan comes with these features:

  • Unlimited admins

  • Custom domain

  • Brand customisations

  • Unlimited ideas widget

  • Unlimited public roadmap widget

  • Unlimited announcement widget

  • Add idea and votes on behalf

  • All integrations available

  • Customise your product roadmap

  • Optimised for mobile devices

Can I integrate Frill with my product and website?

Yes! Frill offers two distinct flavours. It works as a standalone web app to collect and organise feature requests. Or you can embed it on your product and website, wrapped up in a fully customisable widget. You have 4 widget styles to choose from: Popover, Modal, Sidebar, and Inline. All widget styles are available on the free plan.

Does Frill include a product changelog tool?

Yes! And it’s free to use, with unlimited web and email announcements. You can embed a user friendly Announcements widget into your website and product, or simply use it as a standalone product changelog tool.

Is Frill suitable for larger businesses?

Frill is a great alternative for early-stage, growing, and big businesses. It offers a fully white-labelled Growth plan with unlimited ideas, for larger businesses deeply invested in collecting and curating customer feedback.

Can I send push notifications with Frill?

No. Beamer is a push notification service, built to send notifications and release notes. Frill is built to collect feedback, prioritise ideas and keep users updated on important news about your product and business. At the moment, we don’t offer push notifications with Frill.

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