Hellonext vs Frill

Frill is the Hellonext alternative with unlimited boards, admins, and integrations

Frill’s forever-free plan gives you all major features, without limits. Choose Frill and stay free for years before considering an upgrade.

“Frill is a really simple feedback, roadmap and announcements tool. It's quite easy to use and navigate since the UI/UX is beautiful, straightforward and not convoluted like others I've seen.”

Greg Luis — Co-founder at WhaleTogether

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What’s the point of “free” if you quickly outgrow it?

You’re asking too much from Hellonext’s free plan if you’re looking for: Your own custom domain A board that looks like your brand More than 2 admins & 1 integration A custom roadmap with images and titles You want a tool for the long term scroll down.

Hellonext alternative Frill

Frill’s forever-free plan is truly free and truly forever

More features, fewer limitations

Get unlimited boards (via topics), widgets, admins, and tracked users. Plus custom domains and single sign on for free.

All integrations are free-forever

Hellonext limits integrations to 1 on the free plan and 3 on their $49/mo plan. Frill gives you all current and future interactions for free.

A tool your users and admins will love

If you get a high from beautiful tools, Frill is your next hit. It’s thoughtfully designed and easy to navigate for your users and team members.

Hellonext vs Frill

With Frill, it’s either unlimited or free — or both


Unlimited admins on any plan you choose

Hellonext limits your admins and charges extra if you need more. Frill lets you invite unlimited team members and keep them in the loop using @mentions.


Build your board on a custom domain

Keep a consistent brand experience for users, that adds trust. Get your own custom domain with SSL included.


Create unlimited boards using Topics

Hellonext limits your boards to 2 or 10 unless you’re ready to dish out $99/mo. Frill uses Topics to help you and your users categorise feedback, while still having all ideas in a single place. Topics are unlimited on all plans.


Get more ideas and share updates with unlimited widgets

Collect customer feedback, show your roadmap, and announce updates with unlimited widgets you can embed on your site and app.

"Minimalistic UI, great UX, very easy to use. After spending 5 minutes in the app you can feel the quality build."

Andrey Kholkin - CEO at Weberlo


4 widget styles — find the one that matches your brand

With Hellonext you get pop up and sideover widgets. Frill gives you 4 styles to choose from: Popover, Modal, Sidebar, and Inline.


Make your board, roadmap, and changelog branded

Customise Frill with your logo and brand colours. Turn sections on/off and re-order them. Make Frill look like home for your users.


Let user engage faster with Single Sign-On (SSO)

Nothing kills engagement faster than a sign up screen. Allow users to add their feedback while they’re logged-in to your app — no need to create a Frill account.

Hellonext vs Frill

Collect feedback, prioritise feature requests and promote updates

Join hundreds of teams using Frill to build products customers want.

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Roadmap Image

Use topics to create unlimited feedback boards

Hellonext sells “unlimited feedback boards”. But multiple boards are confusing for users. When you show multiple boards at once, people don’t know where to go to add their feedback. Topics is Frill’s elegant solution to the problem of multiple boards.

Hellonext vs Frill

Frill’s gives you more ways to engage with users

Roadmap customization
Only on Take Flight
Add images, titles and descriptions
Ideas widget
Free and unlimited
Roadmap widget
Only on Take Flight
Free and unlimited
Announcements widget
Only on Take Flight
Free and unlimited
Widget styles
Pop up and sideover
Free and unlimited
Add idea on behalf
Only on Take Fligh
Add ideas on behalf of customers
Vote on behalf
Only on Take Flight
Vote ideas on behalf of customers
Edit column names in Roadmaps
Not available

Hellonext vs Frill

There’s “free” and there’s Frill free

Free plan
Active ideas
Built for low traffic websites
Unlimited via Topics
(+$10/mo for new admins)
All integrations available
Free — Add images, titles and descriptions
Custom domain
Only on Take Flight
Free forever
Brand customizations
Only on Take Flight
Free forever

Switch from Hellonext in minutes

Import your roadmaps and boards or get our team to do it for you

Bulk import your roadmaps and boards from Hellonext and other tools. Or get in touch with our onboarding team and we’ll complete a free, custom migration for you.

Make the Switch

“Frill has a very nice and minimal UI /UX that is very easy to use. The clean interface makes it very pleasant to work with. All the features are well polished and make customising status/themes very easy to use.”

Natapol Supmanu - COO at Bigbang.fit

Hellonext vs Frill

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Frill compare to other user feedback and product roadmap software?

Frill is one of the best Hellonext alternatives in the market, but it’s not the only one. Despite having several features, Frill is easy to use. Our customers believe it’s the easiest way to collect customer feedback, organise feature ideas, and announce product feedback, in one place. 

See how Frill compares to other alternatives:

Frill vs Beamer - Frill vs Canny - Top 10 Hellonext Alternatives to Collect and Manage User Feedback

Is Frill really free?

Yes, it is. Frill is probably the best alternative in the market if you want to get started with a free plan. Why? Because while others put limits to their free plan, Frill is the one platform that gives you most features for free.

Your Frill free plan comes with these features:

  • Unlimited admins

  • Custom domain

  • Brand customisations

  • Unlimited ideas widget

  • Unlimited public roadmap widget

  • Unlimited announcement widget

  • Add idea and votes on behalf

  • All integrations available

  • Customise your product roadmap

Will I lose my data if I migrate from a different user feedback tool?

Your data is safe if you choose to switch to Frill. You can use the Canny importer to upload your roadmaps and boards (even private boards) automatically. Or get in touch with our onboarding team and we’ll complete a free, custom migration for you.

Which companies need user feedback management?

SaaS business, Product Studios, and E-commerce businesses all use Frill as their customer feedback platform. Frill is currently being used by all types of businesses that want to build better products by collecting and prioritising customer feedback.

Why Frill doesn’t have multiple boards?

Multiple boards are messy and confusing for users. We have a better solution to categorise ideas and feature requests. Topics is Frill’s solution to the same problem. Topics help users organise feature requests while keeping all ideas in a single place, that’s easy to navigate. Topics are unlimited and editable on all plans.

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