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Frill announcements widget settings

Unlimited Entries

Don’t want the Ideas or Roadmap parts of Frill? Try out our Announcement widget.

Frill announcements side-tray

Embeddable... or not.

Embed an Announcements widget into your SaaS, or simply use our platform as a standalone changelog tool.

Frill announcements Webapp

Fully Featured

Add photos, videos, or even Ideas to your Announcements using a familiar editing environment built for speed and ease of use.

SSO Authentication

Integrate directly with your platform for a seamless user experience

Full Translations

Every word is translatable into your own language


Update Frill with your own brand colours.

Inline Admin

Manage your entire board from within the same view

Unlimited widgets

Create as many widget as you like on all plans.

Automatic status updates

Keep customers updated with automated emails.

What customers are saying...

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We recently moved from User Voice to Frill after evaluating 16 other options. Right from the start, Frill has been helpful and responsive and I highly recommend checking them out. I couldn't ask for better service.

Annika Hubert

Product Ops, Agrimaster

profile image

I’ve tried all the competitor products before and Frill has by far the best UI/UX. The team seem to be smashing out new features every week at an impressive speed.

Nizamudheen Valliyattu

Founder, Acadle

profile image

I love frill. Absolutely changed the way we interact with our customers. Saved ourselves ALOT of money and time in guesses for next features and let our customer tell us what they want.

Vaibhav Namburi

Founder, Remote Workly

Full Feature List

Customer Segmentation


Send targeted Announcements to custom segments

Beamer Importer


Switching from Beamer is now automated!



Announcement and widget analytics to gauge success

Priority Matrix


View your prioritiszed ideas on a stunning full page matrix.

Zapier Integration


Integrate Frill with over 5000 web apps.

Boosted Announcements

Show important Announcements in a discrete popup to gain more attention.


Score, weight and categorize ideas to decide what to build next

Intercom Integration

Allow customers to add Ideas directly from Intercom

Developer API

Build custom applications to collect feedback, publish a roadmap, and announce new features.

Helpscout Integration

Native Integration with one of the largest help desks out there.

Mark Idea as private

Keep ideas for internal eyes only!

Private Ideas

Keep some Ideas private, but your board public

Customisable Sections

Turn on/off and re-order each section of Frill.

Zendesk Integration

Native Integration in the world's largest help desk solution

Idea Approval

Approve / Reject new ideas before they go onto your board

User Approval

Vet new users before they join your board


Tag teammates and customers in comments and private notes.

Canny Importer

Switching from Canny is now easy with our one click importer.

Unlimited Widgets

You can create as many embeddable widget as you like.

Vote on behalf

Vote on behalf of your customers

Custom Email Address

Send all notifications from your own @domain.

Customisable Emails

Update copy and branding on all email notifications

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Integrate into your app for a seamless experience.

Custom Domains

Add you own custom domain with SSL automatically supplied.


Update the interface into any language you like.

Micro Roadmaps

Create multuple Roadmap widgets based on Topics. Perfect for different products.

Unlimited Tracked Users

Perfect for consumer focussed businesses with large databases

Duplicate Detection

Frill intelligently suggests similar ideas to customers.

Automatic Notifications

Automatically notify customers when an idea they follow gets updated.


Dark, Light and Purple Themes. Full control coming soon.


Integrate with any app using our customer Webhooks.

Pinned Ideas and Comments

Highlight important ideas and comments you want people to see.

Send to Trello

Native integration for Trello users

Send to Jira

A native integration to send ideas and bugs directly to Jira

Slack Integration

Get updated immediately when customers interact with your board.

Bulk Import

Moving from another product? This one is for you!

Comment Reactions

Foster community with low touch interactions

Unlimited Announcements

Our Announcement product is unlimited.

Wordpress SSO Plugin

Build a community on Wordpress? This is for you.

Mark as Bug 🪲

Not all ideas are good ideas. Keep bugs private with this feature.

Announcement Reactions

See what people think of your latest release

Organise. Plan. Ship.

Join hundreds of other teams using Frill to validate and build products customers want.

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