Canny vs Frill

Frill is the fairly priced alternative to Canny

Canny jumps from $0 to $400/month. Frill lets you choose from three affordable plans starting at just $25/month.

“Frill has all the features that other tools have with a better price and a better user interface.”

Tony Tang - Marketing Specialist at My Organic Sleep

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Canny’s pricing is built for the enterprise

Canny’s limited free plan pushes you to upgrade quickly. And they charge +$400/mo when you do. Startups get hooked early on but can’t justify the price increase and are forced to migrate sooner or later.


Frill is the smart choice for businesses at any stage

Get what you need at $25 per month

Get access to our Ideas, Roadmap, and Announcement features. Custom domains, user SSO, in-app widget, and idea upvoting are all included.

Unlock all our features for a fraction of the cost of Canny

Frill offers unlimited ideas and white labeling for just $149/mo. Canny’s lowest plan is $400/mo with upgrades and add-ons.

Put Frill where your users can see it

Embed unlimited widgets on your site and app. Ensure users see your updates and share comments, votes, and ideas.

Canny vs Frill

Frill gives you more ways to collect user feedback, without paying more


Increase user feedback and share updates with unlimited widgets

Canny's widget only shows your changelog. Frill gives you unlimited widgets to share updates, collect ideas, votes, and comments on your site and app.


Get all integrations included on any plan

Canny limits their plans to just one integration. Frill gives you current and future integrations on all of our low-cost plans.


Customise Frill to match your brand

Personalise Frill with your own brand colours. Turn sections on/off and re-order them. Make Frill look like home for your users.


Remove branding without paying thousands of dollars a year

Canny’s Growth plan ($400/mo) shows their branding. Even on their Business plan, they make you pay extra to remove the "Powered by Canny" tagline. With Frill, you can remove branding for as low as $125/mo.

“Well thought out, feature rich, well priced and super flexible product.“

Kris R. - Regional Service Design Manager at RSA Middle East


Grab even more customer feedback with quick reactions

Users can add reactions to comments and announcements. Foster a sense of community and see what people think of your updates, without overwhelming anyone with questions.


Translate Frill to any language

Every string of text in Frill can be translated. No plugins, no dodgy auto-translations, no upsells.


Find any idea or comment in seconds

Finding threads gets harder as your user feedback library grows. Frill gives you a global search to find whatever you’re looking for across topics, categories, and users.

Canny vs Frill

Startups choose Frill from early-stage to fast-growth

All businesses can find a Frill plan that fits their needs.

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Roadmap Image

Use topics to create unlimited boards

Canny sells “unlimited boards”. But multiple boards are confusing for users. When you show multiple boards at once, people don’t know where to go to add new ideas. Topics is Frill’s elegant solution to the problem of multiple boards.

Canny vs Frill

Frill grows user engagement

Unlimited but hard to understand for users
Use topics to create unlimited boards
Ideas widget
Not available
Unlimited use on our $25 plan
Global Search
Not available
Find any idea or comment in seconds
Widget styles
Only 1 style
Popover, Modal, Sidebar, and Inline Widget
Roadmap widget
Not available
Unlimited use on our $25 plan
Comment reactions
Not available
Foster community with low touch interactions
Announcement widget
Unlimited use on our $25 plan
Announcement reactions
Not available
See what people think of your latest release

Canny vs Frill

Why pay more?

Frill StartupFrill BusinessFrill GrowthCanny Business
Tracked Ideas
Feedback collection
Admin users
$40 per month per user
Custom domain
Single sign-on (SSO) for users
White labeling
Extra $100 per month
Extra $100 per month

Switch from Canny in minutes

Import your roadmaps and boards or get our team to do it for you

Bulk import your roadmaps and boards from Canny and other tools. Or get in touch with our onboarding team and we’ll complete a free, custom migration for you.

Make the Switch

“We could not justify USD10k a year for an embeddable ideas widget. Frill not only met the must-have requirements but also gave us additional features we desired, like the public facing roadmap feature.”

Annika Hubert - Product Ops at Agrimaster

Canny vs Frill

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Frill compare to other customer feedback tools?

Frill is one of the best Canny alternatives in the market, but it’s not the only one. Despite having several key features, Frill is easy to use. Our customers believe it’s the easiest way to collect customer feedback, organise feature ideas, and announce product feedback, in one place. 

See how Frill compares to other alternatives:

Frill vs Beamer - Frill vs Hellonext - Top 11 Canny Alternatives for SaaS Companies

Why Frill doesn’t have multiple boards?

Multiple boards are messy and confusing for users. We have a better solution to categorise ideas and new features. Topics is Frill’s solution to the same problem. Topics help users organise feature requests while keeping all ideas in a single place, that’s easy to navigate. Topics are unlimited and editable on all plans.

Can I customise how my feedback widget looks?

Absolutely. You have 4 widget styles to choose from: Popover, Modal, Sidebar, and Inline. All widget styles are available on all of our plans.

While Canny’s widget is built to announce product updates, you can use Frill widgets to collect feedback, as well. Embed your widgets in your product and website, where your customers spend time, and improve feedback collection.

What tools does Frill integrate with?

Frill integrates with multiple tools directly, via automation apps and webhooks. Our integrations are available on all of our affordable paid plans, but Canny only lets you use one integration on their $400/month plan.

Connect Frill with your favourite apps:

  • Zendesk

  • Zapier

  • Intercom

  • Trello

  • Jira

  • Slack

  • Webhooks — Integrate with any app by setting up your custom events.

  • Integrately — Integrate Frill with 900+ apps in 1 Click.

  • Pabbly — Connect with more than 850+ apps.

Are there any hidden fees with Frill?

No hidden fees. All our plans have a fixed rate. We’ll never change your pricing based on usage. If you choose to upgrade or purchase an add-on, you’ll still pay a fixed rate every month. You can downgrade or cancel your plan at any time.

Why does Frill have add-ons?

Add-ons give you more control over your plan. Our Startup plan starts at a low $25/mo. If you want to get privacy features (+$25/mo) or white label the app (+$100/mo) you can choose to do so, without upgrading to our Growth plan, which includes every feature, without limitations.

What kind of businesses could use a user feedback management tool?

SaaS companies, digital product teams, and E-commerce businesses all use Frill as their customer feedback platform. Frill is currently being used by all types of businesses that want to prioritise what to build by collecting feedback and organising feature requests.

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