15 Feature Request Tools for Managing Product Feedback

15 Feature Request Tools for Managing Product Feedback

The SaaS companies that succeed are the ones who listen to their users and build what they want. To do this, you need a feature request tool.

According to data gathered by Sprout Social, 64% of consumers prefer brands that connect with their customers. Also, 57% of customers are willing to spend more when they feel connected to a brand.

Are you looking for an effective way to connect with your customers? If so, you should take advantage of user feedback and feature request tools. Keep reading to learn what a feature request tool is and how to find the best one for gaining invaluable customer insights.

What is a feature request tool?

A feature request tool is a platform that collects product feedback and suggestions from customers. SaaS companies, ecommerce businesses, and others types of digital-first businesses use these platforms to learn how customers feel about their products and discover ways to improve.

For example, with a feature request tool, your customers can inform you about the underperforming aspects of your product and recommend upgrades. Improving your product according to user recommendations can boost customer acquisition and retention, reduce waste, and supercharge sales.

What should you look for in a feature request tool?

Since several feature request tools are available, finding the right one for your team can be tricky. Here are a few features to prioritize if you want a tool that can help you achieve your goals:

  • Easy-to-use idea board: Your users can use idea boards to suggest new ways to improve your product or service. Besides capturing ideas from users, the best idea boards have a voting system that allows users to upvote the best ideas. You can prioritize taking action on the most upvoted ideas.

  • SSO for users: Single sign-on (SSO) is an authentication tool that allows users to sign into various platforms with the same credentials. For example, many feature request tools allow users to sign in with their Google or Facebook credentials.

  • Public roadmap: You need a public roadmap that will keep users updated about the actions taken regarding their feature requests. Depending on the status of a feature request, you may tag it as Under Consideration, In Development, Shipped, or Unlikely to Build.

  • Feature announcements: A feature request tool will be incomplete if you cannot notify users about newly launched features. The best feature request tools have automatic notification systems that notify users via email or widgets once a new feature goes live.

15 feature request tools to consider

Now that you know what to look for in a feature request tool, let’s look at the top 15 tools on the market.

1. Frill


Frill is one of the best tools for managing product feedback and updating users about feature updates. You can embed Frill on your website or app or use its web platform. All options are user-friendly and deliver seamless performance with an attractive user interface.

Frill’s feature request management tools include Ideas for capturing product ideas and requests from users and Roadmap for showcasing your accepted ideas.


  • Multilingual

  • Customizable widgets

  • Idea upvoting and commenting

  • Automatic notifications


Frill is available for free, making it ideal for startups on a budget. While Frill’s free-for-life plan offers more features than most premium feature request tools, it has certain limitations. For instance, if you want to collect and manage more than 20 ideas, you will need the $25 monthly plan, which supports 50 active ideas. Alternatively, choose the $149 monthly plan, which supports unlimited ideas.

2. Savio


Savio is a user-friendly platform that facilitates collecting and tracking feature requests. The tool can also help you differentiate between high and low-quality product feedback and suggestions.


  • Slack, Zendesk, and Chrome integration

  • Feature prioritization

  • User feedback filter


New users can try any of Savio’s plans for free for 14 days. After the free trial, you can pay for your current plan or upgrade or downgrade to a different plan. Savio plans are $49, $99, and $199 per month. The $199 plan is the only one that supports unlimited teammates. Frill offers the same feature for free.

3. Sleekplan


Sleekplan is a user feedback tool used by businesses in various industries. With Sleekplan, you can collect product feedback and feature requests via feedback boards, satisfaction surveys, and other means.


  • Roadmap and changelog

  • Feedback widgets and custom domains

  • Chrome and WordPress integration


Sleekplan has a free plan that supports gathering unlimited feature requests from unlimited users. However, the free plan does not offer roadmap and supports zero teammates. If you want roadmap, teammate support, Net Promoter Score, and other features, you must buy the $15 or $45 a month plan.

4. Trello


Trello is one of the most popular platforms for collecting feature requests. That’s because the tool has been around for a long time. However, Trello’s customer feedback boards are not the most intuitive.


  • Custom backgrounds and stickers

  • iOS and Android mobile app widgets

  • Two-factor authentication security


Trello is available for free. However, if you want unlimited boards for collecting user feedback, you will need a paid plan. You can choose the $5 or $10 a month plan, but you will only get public board management if you pay $17.50 monthly.

5. Feature Upvote


Feature Upvote simplifies feature request collection by allowing you to gather all your customer feedback in one online board. Users can also upvote feedback so that you can identify the most important ones.


  • Private and public feedback boards

  • Unlimited contributors and team members

  • Multiple languages

  • SSO for users

  • Slack, Microsoft Teams, Jira, and Zapier integration


At $99 per month or board, Feature Upvote is among the priciest feature request tools available. Before paying, you can try the platform for free for 30 days.

6. Roadmap


Roadmap facilitates gathering user feedback from multiple sources and places it all in a single feedback inbox. You can filter feature requests to find the most relevant ones and prioritize requests based on user upvotes.


  • Slack, Intercom, and email integration

  • Real-time feature request viewing

  • Customizable product roadmaps


Every Roadmap plan has a 14-day free trial. Depending on your preference and needs, you can pay $19, $39, or $79 a month after the free trial ends.

7. UserVoice


UserVoice provides B2B and SaaS companies with the insights needed to deliver the products and features their users desire the most. Even better, you can view customer reactions to your response to feature requests with UserVoice. The customer reactions can help you ascertain if you made the right decision.


  • In-app widget

  • Feature announcements

  • Salesforce, Slack, and Zendesk integration

  • Customer satisfaction and Net Promoter Score surveys


UserVoice offers a Starter plan that costs $499 a month for one user and a Premium Plan that costs $999 for five users.

8. ProdCamp


ProdCamp aids feedback collection from digital channels, meetings, interviews, and customer service interactions. If you need to find specific feature requests, you can find them quickly by entering keywords into the platform’s search tool.


  • Chrome extension

  • In-app feedback

  • Public roadmap


ProdCamp offers a $10 per month plan, but you can opt for the $15 or $30 monthly plan if you are a large organization with a huge customer base.

9. UserInput


Businesses use UserInput to discover the improvements and features users want to see on their websites.  Unfortunately, UserInput cannot gather user feedback from apps, and the platform does not offer free trials.


  • User testing and feedback

  • One-time price


You can pay a one-time fee of $29 to have your website reviewed once. Alternatively, choose the $99 or $179 package if you need multiple reviews.

10. Usersnap


Usersnap can reveal your users’ pain points and most desired features. The platform is simple to set up and use, and you can integrate it with your favorite tools, including Slack and Asana.


  • Product roadmaps

  • Visual bug reporting

  • Net Promoter Score (in-app and email)

  • Thumbs up/down rater

  • Feedback widgets


The Basic plan costs $9 per month and allows only one feedback project. Choose the $249 a month Premium plan if you would like to run up to 25 feedback projects or the $949 Enterprise plan if you want unlimited feedback projects.

11. Nolt


Nolt offers private and public feedback boards for gathering valuable insights. Private feedback boards are typically accessible by team members or a specific group of customers. Public feedback boards are open to everyone, letting users suggest new features or software improvements.


  • Idea upvoting

  • Single Sign-On

  • Anonymous voting

  • Custom branding


Nolt charges $25 per feedback board, and each board can have an unlimited number of users and posts.

12. Canny


Canny is a robust tool that can help you understand the users that send feature requests. The platform also offers the option to manage feature requests on your behalf.


  • Automated or manual feature request management

  • Public roadmap

  • Public and private feedback boards

  • Feedback analytics


You can try Canny’s $50 or $200 a month package for free for 14 days. You will need to pay for your preferred package at the end of the free trial, or you will lose access to your projects.

13. Noora


Noora is an intuitive user feedback platform that helps businesses identify the most requested features from customers. The platform also provides a product roadmap that updates users when you act on feature requests.


  • Private and public boards

  • Anonymous users

  • Custom domain

  • Single-sign on

  • Embeddable widgets


You can pay as little as $29 a month to use Noora, but the plan lacks custom domains, private boards, and other features. You can get these advanced features by paying $59 or $129 monthly.

14. Usabilla


Usabilla offers website, email, and app widgets that collect feature requests and other types of user feedback.


  • Net Promoter Score (NPS)

  • Customizable widgets

  • Engagement tracking


Usabilla pricing starts at €10,000 a year.

15. Upvoty


Upvoty comes with feedback portals and boards that your users can use to request new features, bug fixes, and more. You can embed Upvoty feedback boards on your website or app, and users can provide feedback anonymously or without signing up.


  • Product roadmap

  • Changelog for updates

  • Customizable feedback portal

  • App and website widgets


Upvoty’s $15 a month plan offers one feedback board. If you pay $35 monthly, you will have access to five feedback boards, while $59 a month provides unlimited boards.

Which feature request tool is the best?

Before choosing a feature request tool, verify that it fits your budget and has everything needed to motivate users to give feedback. Frill fits this description because it's free and easy to navigate with an attractive interface. 

Sign up to try Frill risk-free today and discover why it’s the go-to feature request platform for SaaS companies. 

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