The Top 10 Templates for Creating Your Product Roadmap

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By Dayana Mayfield

Last updated on Sun May 26 2024

Product roadmaps have become an industry standard for SaaS businesses. They clearly communicate a company’s vision and progress. 

For your teams, product roadmaps are monumental in the product management process, developing product strategy, keeping the focus on the most important product goals, and minimizing scope creep.

For your customers, product roadmaps provide insightful information about newly released product features and a layout of what is up and coming. When combined with feature requests, product roadmaps also show your customers that they matter and that you are listening to them, improving user engagement and retention.

There are many product roadmap tools available and starting with a template is a great strategy for selecting the type of roadmap and the supporting software that's right for your business.

In this post, we discuss why utilizing a product roadmap template is the best approach and offer ten of the best templates available.

Why should you use a product roadmap template?

Despite the fact that you can create a timeline in PowerPoint using SmartArt or even shapes, templates can play an important role saving time and effort. The key reasons to use a product roadmap template include:"

  • Save time - With so many great templates available, why waste your time creating a product roadmap from scratch?

  • Expanded features - Many product roadmap templates include features that address the pain points of their creators, or incorporate their roadmap planning techniques. Either way, this generates a more robust roadmap from the get go.

  • Audience selection - There are many different audiences that benefit from product roadmaps. There are executives, development teams, and customers to name a few. Roadmaps and the information they provide should be tailored to the intended audience.

  • Software integration - Many templates are designed to integrate with the other software in your tech stack, improving efficiency and compatibility within your business structure.

Top 10 product roadmap templates

Here are the top product roadmap templates to consider.

1. Frill’s Product Roadmap Template

Frill Roadmap

Frill offers an elegantly simple, fully customizable roadmap template. Our great UX makes providing customer feedback and feature suggestions easy. When actions are taken on a contribution, the contributor is notified.

When it comes to providing a product roadmap for your users, Frill’s Product Roadmap Template provides the right amount of information to promote engagement and earn loyalty. It also avoids the pitfalls of providing timelines.

Frill makes roadmapping easy for you and your users so you can focus on what really matters—developing and shipping new features. 

Template features:

  • Kanban-style columns

  • Feature request tags

  • User upvote counter

  • Feature image cards

  • Filtering by topic

What else you can do with Frill’s software:

  • Feature requests

  • Upvoting

  • Public roadmap planning

  • Changelog

  • Manage user SSO for idea board

2. Atlassian’s Product Roadmap Template

Atlassian’s Product Roadmap Template

As an enterprise software company, Atlassian develops templates for content management, project managers, and software developers. Their product roadmap template provides a high-level overview of the features you have lined up and a detailed quarterly layout. This combination allows for quick progress reviews and efficient identifications of the priorities and status of features under development.

Atlassian’s product roadmap is timeline-based and designed for internal mapping within the management and development teams. However, timelines are not recommended if you plan on sharing your roadmap with clients and sales teams. In this case, use Frill’s Kanban-style roadmap instead.

Template features:

  • Timeline overview format

  • Detailed spreadsheet format

  • Team mission

  • Project information

  • Priority and status updates

What else you can do with Atlassian's software:

  • Business strategy templates

  • Project management templates

  • Marketing and sales templates

  • Project planning templates

  • Human resources templates

3. Venngage’s Simple Product Roadmap


Venngage focuses on making infographics accessible and easy to create. They provide the tools to create WCAG and ADA-compliant infographics, which is awesome! 

Venngage’s simple product roadmap template is a timeline format that is visually appealing and easy to read. The template is easily customizable, and with the millions of photos, icons, and graphics available, you can style it just right. You can also upload your own graphics to stay on brand.

Like Atlassian, this is a timeline format so be careful what information you’re providing and for who. But, you will get an eye-catching roadmap with this template. 

Template features:

  • Timeline overview format

  • Fully customizable

  • AI-powered editing features

  • Generate QR codes

  • Millions of pictures, icons, charts, and graphics

What else you can do with Venngage’s software:

  • Accessible editor and templates

  • AI-powered design tools

  • Smart diagram features

  • Branding and Collaboration

  • Diverse icons and free stock photos

4. Canva’s Roadmap Planning Whiteboard


Canva provides everything you need to easily create professional designs. It offers tens of thousands of templates for just about anything.

Canva’s roadmap planning whiteboard is a great template for engaging your team in the timeline of your tech development.  The roadmap is a simple matrix layout with the quarters in the columns and features as rows. The whiteboard nature of the template makes the progress tracking and updates more interactive and informal. This can be a moral booster as it helps change the focus to achieving goals instead of meeting deadlines (while still keeping the timeline for management).

Template features:

  • Matrix format

  • Color coded

  • Unlimited size options

  • Customizable

  • Bulleted text

What else you can do with Canva’s software:

  • Digital sign board templates

  • Banner templates

  • Logo templates

  • Zoom virtual background templates

  • Business card templates

5. Grove Tools’ Graphic Roadmap


The graphic roadmap template offered by Grove Tools offers a unique format for committing actions to a schedule. This template is tailored for the division of tasks of a particular project, such as an organization-change process where activities are designated to meet milestones and overall goals.

While not really tailored for SaaS, this template might be the right fit for more traditional businesses.

Template features:

  • Activity designation

  • Milestone or date format

  • Space for identifying specific challenges

  • Bullet list of the roadmap’s goals

  • Designed for print

What else you can do with Grove Tools’ software:

  • Corresponding leaders guide with template instructions

  • Context map template

  • Graphic gameplan template

  • Industry structure map template

  • Investment portfolio template

6. Miro’s Product Roadmap Template


Miro is a whiteboard tool designed for your product teams to connect, collaborate, and create. It offers a wide range of solutions for workshops, agile workflows, strategy, brainstorming, and more.

Miro’s Product Roadmap Template was designed to track and align your product through its full development process. One of the benefits of the Miro template is that it provides a step-by-step guide on how to use it.

Template features:

  • Timeline format

  • Grouped rows for organized team structure

  • Color-coded tasks

  • Emoji icons to identify milestones

  • Interactive cards hold all the information about each step

What else you can do with Miro’s software:

  • Product development workflows

  • Workshop and async collaboration

  • Diagramming and process mapping

  • Content and data visualization

  • Visual project management

7. Figjam’s Product Roadmap Template


Figjam is an online whiteboard software for building products. Their whiteboards are designed for collaborative prototyping, developing, designing, and building. 

Figjam’s product roadmap template utilizes tabbed columns and sticky note structure to lay out big-picture objectives with specific organized tasks. This clean and easy-to-read format is a great roadmap option for objective-based product development. 

Template features:

  • Color-coded columns for topic categories

  • Sticky notes for grouping details and tasks

  • Simple navigation

  • Easy toolbar access to whiteboard features

  • User friendly

What else you can do with Figjam’s software:

  • Design whiteboards

  • Prototyping whiteboards

  • Dev Mode whiteboards

  • Design systems whiteboards

  • Resource library

8. Lucidspark Product Roadmap for teams template


Lucidspark is Lucid’s virtual whiteboard software. Their product roadmap template has a simple two-step process. First, you create Lucid Cards, specifying your high-level product goals. Then, you drag and drop them into the timeline.

An added bonus is that the Lucidspark has extensive integrations meaning it will most likely fit within your existing tech stack.

Template features:

  • Timeline format

  • Lucid Cards for product goals and vision

  • Drag and drop formatting

  • Compatible with Jira, Azure, Asana and more

  • Customizable card shapes

What else you can do with Lucidspark’s software:

  • Collaborative AI

  • Storyboards

  • Mind maps

  • Customer journey maps

  • 4Ls retrospective template

9. Visme’s Multiple Product Roadmap Whiteboard Template


Visme provides a comprehensive set of tools and templates for visual communication. Visme’s roadmap template is designed for multiple products within the same whiteboard. Its eye-catching visuals and ability to incorporate custom graphics and media make it a great option. If you are planning on tackling a lot of projects at once, then you’ll definitely want to consider this template for team management.

Template features:

  • Timeline format

  • Designed for multiple products

  • Brand matching through color customization

  • Customizable charts for data visualization

  • Include animations, audio, video, interactivity, and links

What else you can do with Visme’s software:

  • Flows templates

  • Brainstorming templates

  • Wireframes templates

  • Presentations Templates

  • Charts and graphs

10. ClickUp’s Roadmap Whiteboard template


ClickUp is a platform designed to bring all your projects, tasks, docs, whiteboards, etc. Into a single place. Their software is designed to cross-collaborate between features to help streamline project management and product creation.

ClickUp’s Roadmap Whiteboard template is a read-to-use whiteboard designed for beginners in the ClickUp space.  In addition to the eye-catching format, the template comes with a detailed description of the features and instructions on how to use the roadmap. 

While ClickUp integrates with many tools, its focus is to be your one-stop shop. If you are considering them, this template may be the right place to start.

Template features:

  • Timeline format

  • Fully customizable

  • Grouped rows for organized team structure

  • Custom statuses

  • Multiple roadmap tracking features

What else you can do with ClickUp’s software:

  • 17 different views for project management

  • Searchable content

  • Multiple task features

  • Collaborative document creation

  • Integrated dashboards

When choosing a product roadmap template, remember your intentions. Having a timeline format for your product teams will ensure they stay on track, while a Kanban-style public roadmap with feature request tags will keep your customers engaged and loyal. It is okay to have both.

Ready to launch a roadmap for your clients? Get started with Frill’s Product Roadmap Template.

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