19 User Feedback Tools You Need to Try

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Last updated on Mon Jul 12 2021

Do you run a SaaS company or other online business? User feedback is a goldmine of valuable data for improving your products in ways that matter to your target market.

Manually collecting and analyzing user feedback is tedious and inefficient. Your users might send you feedback on a bunch of different communication channels.

To help you reap the benefits of user feedback with minimal stress, we’ve put together a list of user feedback tools that ease the process.

What is a user feedback tool?

No app or web solution is perfect, and the best-equipped people to spot the imperfections are the users. When users point out flaws in your SaaS or other online solutions, don’t get mad. Instead, see their feedback as an opportunity to improve your product’s efficiency, security, aesthetics, and user-friendliness.

According to data gathered by Super Office, only 1 in 26 dissatisfied customers complain about unsatisfactory services. The other 25 unhappy users switch to a better product without saying a word.

Instead of hemorrhaging users, be proactive by asking customers how they feel about your online or offline product. That way, you can make necessary improvements and retain their patronage.

User feedback tools help identify the level of customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction with a product or service. You can use a feedback tool to gather valuable user insights through surveys and consumer reviews. Your customers can also use feedback tools to suggest new features for your product.

What types of user feedback tools are there?

A high-quality user feedback tool:

  • Speeds up the collection of feedback

  • Motivates users to give feedback by simplifying the process

  • Delivers accurate information to you instantly

  • Provides clear insight into the usage behavior of customers

Various types of feedback tools exist for different needs, and your options include:

Tools focused on web-based applications

According to Intechnic, improving UX design can boost customer conversion and retention. A 5% increase in customer retention can lead to a 25% increase in profit. If you have a web-based application, discover how to improve your product or service with the help of feedback tools.

The tool integrates with your application and collects feedback directly from users. It provides insights into user satisfaction with your application and the flaws preventing users from becoming paying customers.

Tools focused on mobile applications

In-app feedback tools make it easier for app users to voice their satisfaction or dissatisfaction with your mobile app. Since the feedback tool is accessible from the app screen, users can rate your product without leaving the app. The constant flow of feedback allows you to improve the app according to what your target customers want.

Tools focused on websites

57% of users won’t recommend your service or product if your website is user or mobile-unfriendly. Also, 88% of users avoid a website after a single bad experience. Avoid losing potential customers to competitors by getting a user feedback tool for your website.

Feedback tools for websites allow visitors to report their user experience without interrupting their online journey. It also shows you the aspects of your website to improve for increased visibility, conversions, and earnings.

What are the best user feedback tools?

86% of customers are willing to pay more for a better customer experience. Discover what your customers want and give it to them with the help of these top-notch user feedback tools:

1. Frill


Frill is a user-friendly feedback tool that offers SaaS companies everything they need to gather user feedback and make the most of collected data. It goes a step further by offering SaaS companies a means to keep customers updated about the actions taken regarding their feedback. On Frill, users can also view feedback from other users and upvote the ones they want you to prioritize.


Frill has a pricing plan for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Small or upcoming businesses can save money with their Startup plan which gives you access to Ideas, Roadmaps & Announcements for just $25 per month. Larger companies can opt for the $49 or $149 per month plans to unlock unlimited ideas and white-labelling.

2. Ask Nicely


Ask Nicely is a product feedback software that offers user insights in real-time so your team can take immediate action to improve the product. Various businesses can use Ask Nicely to their advantage, and its automated feedback collection feature makes it convenient. It also offers the option to customize client surveys and send them via email, SMS, and other options.


When using Ask Nicely, you can track several customer experience metrics, and you can view it all via its mobile app or web-based tool. Plus, you can integrate it with Salesforce, Slack, and other platforms. Ask Nicely doesn’t provide pricing details on its website, but you can book a free demo and get an estimate by filling its online form.

3. CustomerSure


CustomerSure is another popular feedback tool for gathering user insights in real-time. Besides gathering user feedback, you can use CustomerSure to communicate with users and show them your implementation of their suggestions.

What sets CustomerSure apart from its competitors? You can customize it to identify urgent issues and focus on the most relevant insights to your product’s performance and success.


CustomerSure is scalable, meaning you can switch between pricing plans as your company’s needs evolve. The base plan costs $299.00 per month and lets you send 10,000 website, in-app, and SMS surveys monthly. If you need to send out more surveys each month, you have to opt for one of the pricier plans. On the downside, CustomerSure doesn’t offer free trials.

4. Hellonext


Hellonext is a sophisticated yet simple tool for collecting, managing and acting on user feedback. The tool comes loaded with features that facilitate identifying what your product lacks and responding to user feedback quickly.

Hellonext’s top distinguishing feature is its beautiful and easy-to-navigate design. It comes with public and private feedback boards, and users can upvote or downvote comments. Besides being a virtual suggestion box, Hellonext can also serve as a bug reporting tool.


Hellonext’s base plan costs $12 a month and supports unlimited feedback and tracked users. You also get a product roadmap, widgets, and anonymous voting options. The base plan offers only one feedback board. If you want ten or more feedback boards, go for the $25 or $50 per month plan.

5. Apptentive


Apptentive is a user feedback tool that gathers insights from mobile app users. You can use the information to improve your app’s performance. Using Apptentive as an in-app user feedback tool is cost-effective and increases customer response rates. That’s because the tool’s simplicity and convenience motivate users to give feedback about their experience.


Several major brands, including CNN, Arby’s, and eBay, have used Apptentive to monitor user emotion and gather actionable feedback. That said, Apptentive isn’t cheap. No prices are on the company’s website, but based on customer feedback, the average price for the Apptentive feedback tool is $149 per month.

6. Appzi


Appzi offers a widget that SaaS companies can install on web-based tools to gain valuable insights about users. The Appzi widget provides a convenient button that you can place anywhere on your website. The button takes users to survey forms to submit feedback and suggestions regarding your site or product.

You can customize your feedback button and surveys, and Appzi offers various tools for extracting relevant information from user submissions.


Appzi has a free plan, which is suitable for small companies. The free plan allows you to gather feedback from an unlimited number of websites and supports unlimited feedback and team members. It also allows integration with Trello and Slack. However, if you want unlimited data storage and priority email support, you have to choose a paid plan.

7. SurveySparrow


SurveySparrow helps SaaS companies and businesses in other industries get quick and accurate insights regarding customer and product experience. The user feedback tool is ideal for websites and web-based tools.

You can gather data by installing a SurveySparrow chatbot on your website. The chatbot issues smart surveys and collects data in real-time. Alternatively, use SurveySparrow’s classic survey forms, offline kiosks, or Net Promoter Score (NPS).


SurveySparrow is secure and compatible with WordPress, Google, Zendesk, Hubspot, Slack, and more. The cheapest SurveySparrow plan for businesses costs $149 per month. If you have trouble picking the right plan for your company, you can try them all risk-free with SurveySparrow’s 14-day free trial.

8. GetFeedback

GetFeedback is a robust yet easy-to-use customer experience management system. You can set it up and have it running within minutes, and it’s agile enough to serve the needs of SaaS companies, ecommerce, and other types of organizations.

GetFeedback provides you with email and SMS survey options for gathering user feedback. It integrates with websites and mobile apps and comes with various tools for analyzing your collected data and taking quick action.


GetFeedback doesn’t have a fixed price plan. Instead, customers receive estimates based on their unique requirements. According to consumer reviews, the lowest you can pay to use GetFeedback is $50 per month, and every plan requires an annual commitment.

9. Hotjar


Over 900,000 companies rely on Hotjar to understand how users experience their website and web-based tools. Setting up Hotjar for monitoring how users interact with your SaaS product is straightforward since it works out of the box.

Its most distinctive feature is Heatmaps, which simplifies viewing and understanding user behavior. When you are on top of user behavior, you can ask the right questions at the right time to improve your product. Besides Heatmaps, you get Session Recordings for viewing how users interact with your product so you can identify usability issues.


Hotjar has a pricing plan for every type of business. The cheapest plan costs $99 a month and captures 500 daily sessions. If your website experiences more than 500 daily visitors, opt for one of the higher-priced plans.

10. Canny


You can use Canny to collect feedback from users and team members and use the information to make better product development decisions. Everything you need to capture product feedback is in one place to keep the process hassle-free.

Canny also provides various tools for analyzing, understanding, prioritizing, and acting on collected feedback. You can also build a product roadmap and keep your users updated as you make suggested changes to your product.


Canny’s cheapest plan costs $50 per month, and you get an unlimited number of feedback boards. You can try the $50 plan free for 14 days. If the plan doesn’t meet your needs, you can opt for one of Canny’s pricier plans.

11. Mouseflow

Mouse Flow

Mouseflow reveals why your customer acquisition or retention is low. It accomplishes this with its Session Replay feature. It replays the complete visitor experience on your website or web-based tool. SaaS companies can track clicks and mouse movements to identify underperforming aspects and make changes that boost conversions.

You also get Heatmaps for quickly identifying the parts of your product that cause user frustration. Alternatively, use Mouseflow’s customizable, interactive surveys to directly ask users for feedback about their experience with your product.


Mouseflow has a free forever plan, which is suitable for small businesses. Its paid plans range between $24 and $299, and you can try them free for 14 days.

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12. Convas


Convas can help you get all the data you need to build competitive products that meet your users’ needs. As an all-in-one customer feedback tool, Convas has several features, including product roadmaps and a customer feedback widget. These features allow you to access accurate customer insights and keep your users updated as you improve your product.


Convas has a free plan and paid plans, and they all support unlimited team members, unlimited boards, and all integrations. The free plan is adequate for startups looking for the features that matter the most to their users. But the free plan supports only 50 tracked users, while the cheapest paid plan ($15 a month) supports 100 tracked users.

13. Podium


If you are new to getting feedback from customers, Podium provides you with survey templates that help you ask the right questions. Customizable surveys for gathering specific insights are also available.

Even better, Podium offers real-time notifications that alert you the moment a customer responds to a survey. Real-time notifications enable you to resolve user issues before they lead to a lost customer.


Podium offers various analytics tools for tracking feedback trends by a user’s location and other filters. While Podium doesn’t have a fixed price plan, user reviews indicate that the lowest pricing is $399 per month. You can get a custom quote by filling an online form.

14. Nolt


Nolt provides user feedback boards that make your users enthusiastic about giving feedback and contributing to the success of your SaaS product, mobile app, or website. The user feedback tool offers several features that provide a clear understanding of what your customers want and enables you to make the best product development decisions.


When it comes to top-notch user feedback tools, Nolt’s pricing is among the most attractive. For just $25, you get access to all its user feedback collection and management tools. The plan also supports unlimited suggestions and users.

15. UserVoice

UserVoice puts you on top of user experience by giving you real-time feedback that covers user activity before, during, and after giving feedback. The tool’s data gathering system provides a clear picture of each customer’s pain point so you can respond appropriately.

As you leverage user feedback to improve your product, you can keep your customers updated with status updates and monitor their reactions to your upgrades.


UserVoice doesn’t have a price plan listed on its website, but research indicates they charge at least $499 per month for feedback boards.

16. HelpShift

Help Shift

HelpShift is a chat integration tool that allows you to communicate directly with users while on your app. It’s great for getting immediate feedback from each customer about their user experience.

Users can also use the chat tool to ask for help while using your website or app. They don’t have to wait long to get help since HelpShift has automated bots that use machine learning to improve and provide the best answers. The bot communicates in 180+ languages, and you can customize them or use one of the many pre-built template bots provided by HelpShift.


HelpShift offers a Starter, Growth, and Enterprise plan, but no pricing is available on the website. Our research indicates that the lowest you can pay is $225 per month, and the exact amount you will pay depends on the number of issues you use each month.

17. Usersnap

User Snap

Usersnap keeps you in touch with your users so you can create a customer-centric product. You can use it to collect bug reports, feature requests, customer ratings, and more. While Usersnap is already user-friendly, it comes with a host of e-books, videos, and other resources that explain how to make the most of its user feedback collection and management features.


A two-week free trial is available. When you are ready to upgrade to a paid plan, you can choose the $19 per month Basic package or opt for the $79 per month Startup package. There’s also the $149 Company package, which gives you access to everything Usersnap has to offer.

18. ProductBoard


Productboard’s insight tool collects and consolidates your user feedback into one location that you can easily access at your convenience. The feature ensures that you never miss any product request, idea, or feedback given by your customers and team members.

You can categorize all your collected feedback under appropriate headings and share them with relevant team members to take action as necessary.


The least costly ProductBoard plan costs $20 and comes with enough features to support a small or upcoming business. Larger companies can try the $50 or $100 per month plan.

19. Noora


Noora allows SaaS companies to collect feature ideas from their target customers. That way, they can develop products that boost customer acquisition, engagement, and retention. Besides generating new ideas for products, users can also use Noora to send bug reports. The tool also has product roadmaps for keeping customers updated as you fix product flaws and add new features.


You can pay as little as $29 a month to use Noora or pay as high as $59 a month. Noora also offers a custom plan, which you can tailor to fit your budget and other requirements.

Which is the best user feedback tool for you?

The best user feedback tool for your SaaS company will depend on your budget and other factors. Frill leads the competition by offering all the features you could possibly need to gather user insights and use them to your advantage. Even better, Frill is user-friendly and super affordable.

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