Introducing Frill

Introducing Frill

A new way to collect, communicate & announce ideas to your customers.

“Another feedback tool? Hasn’t this been done before?” I hear you say… Well yes. It’s been done before…. It’s either been done (fairly) well, and too expensive. Or done badly and cheap. We felt there was still room for a product that was done well, but also affordable. And by affordable we mean Free. Our plan at time of writing is to only have two plans… free and Business. We HATE trial periods and want to make sure you have the freedom to sign up and then tinker for a bit. Perhaps try the competition? We’re confident you’ll choose Frill.

Frill has 3 major components:

Ideas - The ability to collect ideas and feature feedback

Roadmap - Communicate what you are doing with those ideas.

Announcements - Our version of Changelog. The Free plan will be limited by the number of ideas you can have on your board, but otherwise be un-throttled for you to trial forever.

We have a lot to do and lots of features to build before we come out of Beta, but we feel there is enough now to show the world…

Our current plan is to launch in January with our paid plans… so make sure you get in quick and nab yourself a lifetime deal on the Beta product.

There are 3 reasons you are going to love Frill right now (not including all the new features we have planned.

  • Sleek, minimalist design - with ‘Styles’ coming soon….

  • Fast - lightning quick interface that doesn’t get in your (or your customer’s) way.

  • No need for multiple boards… We have introduced the concept of Topics which is a much more elegant solution to multiple boards.

  • It’s currently free to all beta testers.

    Ok, fine, that’s 4 reasons.

    If you’re looking for a feedback tool that will grow with your business, give us a whirl.

Mike and the Frill Team.

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